Why use Healthperm to find a job in Healthcare?

Expanding range of opportunities

We have recruitment contracts in place with a growing number of NHS hospitals, private hospitals and medical centres in the UK as well as countries in the Middle East. They need a continual supply of nurses, doctors and Allied Healthcare Professionals. For those candidates with IELTs score of 7 or OET pass we can offer a range of positions at a number of hospitals across the UK. For those candidates who with other levels of English qualifications we are able to offer positions in a range of facilities in Dubai, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

Financial assistance

To help you realise your dream of working internationally, Healthperm will support you financially with your IELTS/OET qualification, OSCE and NMC registration fees. Additionally we will support you through every step of the immigration process. WE WANT TO HELP CANDIDATES REALISE THEIR DREAM!

Ethical recruitment

Healthperm is a fully integrated recruitment agency. We own GHR, a POEA licensed recruitment company in the Philippines, as well as our own language centre in Dubai which is solely focused on English language training for Healthcare professionals. We follow a truly ethical approach to overseas recruitment. We do not charge our candidates for applications, placements or our services, and our language training centre offers subsidised fees to help candidates attain the required language levels.