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Royal College of Nursing urges Government to lower additional charges for International Nurses

Date Posted: 05 May 2018

The recent comment by the Royal College of Nursing regarding Healthcare surcharges being levied on nurses from overseas is both well measured and correct. Under current immigration policy, people who come to work in the UK from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) must pay a healthcare surcharge that has left some nurses facing bills of several thousand pounds. The current fee of £200 per family member per year is about to be doubled to £400 and that means a £1600 bill for a family of 4 per year. This fee is being charged against a backdrop of the most challenging environment for many years with respect to recruitment of the nursing workforce and its long term stability. Healthperm believes that this surcharge should be abolished with respect to all International nurses who come to UK irrespective of where they originate from. In order to qualify to work in the UK nurses have to pass through a significant number of barriers including high levels of language requirements and additional tests of competency. To find that they effectively have to pay an increased tax compared to UK colleagues is not fair, nor is it supporting the NHS in meeting the challenges of workforce recruitment, retention and stability